Frottage Figures

•January 17, 2023 • 1 Comment

Lately I’ve been using a surrealist technique to start my drawings. I have a lot of packing paper, which I flatten out and rub with charcoal. After staring at it I draw a figure inspired by the wrinkles. Sometimes the figure has no connection with me, but often I see a pose, draw it then realize it is from a model I drew in the past, and the wrinkles have brought back a forgotten memory.

Drawn in January 2023, I did a drawing of Hannah in this pose back in March 2022, but variations of it are not uncommon

Drawn in January 2023, although I don’t remember the actual pose, I can easily see that it is Kuan, whom I haven’t drawn for many years now, she has a distinctive style and is one of the greatest models I have worked with, her essence is firmly fixed in my subconsciousness

Twisting and Turning

•September 11, 2022 • Leave a Comment

Just a few 5 minute sketches after an extended dry period, for both artist and model, Darina

Some Toned Paper

•April 14, 2022 • 1 Comment

Some drawings on toned paper, actually red rosin paper used for protecting floors during construction. It has a nice tooth and comes in big rolls.

Hannah Kneeling, pastel on toned paper, 36×30 , 03/2022
Hannah Floating, pastel on toned paper, 36×30, 03/2022

Sculpture In Ice

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I was one of 10 chosen artists to participate in the First Annual Governors Island Ice Sculpture Show in February. Here is my original proposal “New York Oyster” and the finished piece. We had 2 hours to carve the ice, 40x20x10 inches. Unfortunately after about 30 minutes, I cut myself when the die grinder I was using kicked back. Most of the carving was done with my direction by Thomas Brown, my mentor from the Okamoto Studio. At the end of the day, I had the extensor tendon in my left index finger re-connected and a dozen stitches. Still, lots of fun and I learned a lot. Ice is a really interesting media, soft but hard, transparent and temporary.

Ready to carve with template
Before “torching” Photo by Vilma Staiano
After “torching”

Time to Change the World

•November 27, 2021 • Leave a Comment

Thanksgiving in the States make me reflect on how we are/aren’t going to survive and The film “The Cabinet of Dr Caligari” came to mind.

Handstand à la Dr. C. 24×18 pastel 11/2021
Self portrait in the Studio, pastel 24×18, 11/2021
Bruce as Lantern-less Diogenes, pastel on newsprint, 24×18, 11/2021

Long Summer

•September 12, 2021 • Leave a Comment

Its been a long summer, lots of disruptions as everyone in the world has experienced, but here are some drawings, done over the past few months, mostly from old sketches, but I recently have been hiring live models again, fully vaccinated, of course.

Moving Images

•April 30, 2021 • Leave a Comment

Just a short dance of one minute poses by Ha.

Arising from Rip Van Winkle

•April 26, 2021 • 1 Comment

As I emerge from the mental chaos of the past year, more subjects are showing up, its great to have live models again!

Ha Twins, pastel 18×24 4/2021
Couple, pastel, 18×24, 4/2021
Ha’s Back, charcoal, 18×24, 4/2021

Selfies – the Old Fashioned Way

•February 13, 2021 • Leave a Comment

Self studies, as I am the only model I have in my isolation-pod!

Self-study 24×18 pastel, 2/2021
Going for the Jab, 24×18 pastel, 2/2021
B Leaving, 24×18 pastel, 2/2021

As Time Goes By

•November 26, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Still working off of old drawings and the mirror, but luckily I have had many great models in the past and am looking to the future.

Maria Pink, 18×24, pastel by Bruce Williams 11/2020
Bruce Brown, 18×24, pastel , by Bruce Williams 11/2020
Jack Yellow, 18×24, pastel, by Bruce Williams 11/2020