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Four 5 minute sketches with the light from below. I was exploring the differences in light/dark modelling as well as cast shadow. I found I had built a habit of drawing the scene with the light above, as we do in nature for the most part, and that when the situation was changed, there was something in my brain that said ‘What is this?’. The feeling was much the same as switching drawing hands , right to left or left to right.

Ariel at 5 (minutes)

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5 minute sketches with charcoal and pastel of Ariel

Filling in Vacancies

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Running a studio like Minerva’s is a Herculean task. Scheduling models for 3 sessions a day, seven days a week, alternating male and female and making sure they show up is monumental. For more that 23 years Minerva has done this and with great finesse. Occasionally the system fails which happened recently when one of the models got the session wrong, so I filled in. I always am willing to model, and this time I had an unusual nostalgic feeling while posing, the quiet, the air temperature with the fans blowing softly brought back an unrelated memories of summer in Colorado many years ago. I have thought about why modelling is so enjoyable, but there are a lot of complex things going on. Performance, supporting artists, feeling the internal dynamics of the body, the self image of a pose versus the artists perception of the pose. Its really fascinating. Anyway, here are 2 drawings by Kathi Kirkpatrick of me from that session.20160824_Kathi_1


Michael W

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Sunday AM at Minerva’s

Quality Face Time

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I’ve been working on faces lately, but isn’t not easy something I have avoided for many years.

Cut Down to Size

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Sometimes a drawing benefits from being cropped. a pastel of Maria with a few inches removed, now 17×22 inches instead of 18×24.

Maria on toned paper

Maria on toned paper

What Goes Up…

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My show at Minerva’s Drawing Studio came down last Sunday, but I was happy for the success. The opening was packed, more than 100 people came and I sold 3 drawings! We also had a small ‘closing reception’ then took the show down. I have good quality pictures of the work on Google photo if you couldn’t see it live. Here’s a pastel from this week of Maria.

Maria in Moonlight