What Goes Up…

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My show at Minerva’s Drawing Studio came down last Sunday, but I was happy for the success. The opening was packed, more than 100 people came and I sold 3 drawings! We also had a small ‘closing reception’ then took the show down. I have good quality pictures of the work on Google photo https://goo.gl/photos/acFZKfcKyCt2VMRB6 if you couldn’t see it live. Here’s a pastel from this week of Maria.

Maria in Moonlight

Modelling at Minerva’s

•April 8, 2016 • 2 Comments

I was posing at Minerva’s Drawing Studio,(aka Spring Studio) on Thursday doing fast poses, 15-30 second poses. It definitely forces the artists out of their comfort zone and allows the model to have a huge amount of creativity. Here are some drawings done by a talented artist Charles H. Connelly.

Slightly Cubist

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Nude Back

Nude Back, charcoal on newsprint, 18×24

Virtual Tour

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I created a virtual tour of my show, here is a link:

Bruce Williams – Disheveled Light

It has a few extra drawings that will not be part of the show, they were left out to make the show fit better in the gallery space available.

Minerva’s Drawing Studio (formerly Spring Studio)

293 Broome St., New York,NY 10002

Gallery Hours 4PM – 6PM or by appointment

Please call ahead to make sure someone will be there


Opening Reception: April 3 6-8PM

It’s Alive!

•March 15, 2016 • 1 Comment

Hanging the show on the first day of Spring!
sign_BW with hours

Gestures Set in Sand

•March 10, 2016 • Leave a Comment ,  mixed media,75x20 inches , mixed media,75×20 inches

Here is a high relief panel built with papier-mâché, epoxy and sand over the actual 1 and 2 minute gesture drawings. I love the dynamism of short poses and reviewing the drawings inspired this piece.

Posing with Kuan

•March 7, 2016 • 1 Comment

Kuan has worked a lot with me as a model and I recently posed with her at the new Spring Studio at 293 Broome St. Its fascinating how the relationship changes when the roles are changed. From model/artist to model/model the dynamic is on a different level. While both require collaboration, the first is ultimately of provider/consumer and the latter, more a mutual provider each supporting the other in the aesthetic and physical sense. I enjoyed it immensely and it really was an educational experience. I am looking forward to my next ‘collaboration’ with a different model when we do doubles on the 19th. Here are some 20 minute drawings by Marc Lamantia, an artist at Spring Studio.


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