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During October/November I have been posing at Minerva’s Drawing Studio (aka Spring Studio) frequently. Here are  some drawings done on an IPad with a Apple pencil by Mark Leibowitz. 5 to 10 minutes if I remember correctly.


Help Save Minerva’s Drawing Studio!

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Here is a drawing that Minerva did of myself posing for one of the sessions at Minerva’s Drawing Studio, formerly known as Spring Studio. she just had her 80th birthday and is going strong. She is in the midst of a deep need to raise money to keep the studio going, and here is a link to her GoFundMe page. Any donations at all will help keep this unique and valuable asset going. Seven days a week three sessions a day with models of all sorts, lessons and help if you need it.  It is a rare treasure to be able to drop in anytime and draw from a live model, in a friendly atmosphere with artists who love the human figure. so please donate today, whatever you can.

Five minute poses by Minerva Durham


I’ve been drawing at Minerva’s for many years, and modeling as well, and it has been a life-changing experience, not only in terms of drawing but the support of Minerva and the other artists and models who come  from all over the world. Its a serious environment for those who want to learn and develop their artist talents.

Thank you!

Rotated Ha

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Poses by Ha a very imaginative model lend themselves to being rotated, giving them entirely different meanings.

Ha Cast Out, 8/2018, charcoal 18×24

Ha Shoulders, 8/2018, charcoal 18×24

Ha Grasping, 8/2018 charcoal, 18×24

Claudia the Muse

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Here is Claudia, of Museworthy fame, in charcoal and pastel done sometime in May or June 2018

Ha, large scale drawing

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These are of Ha, in 10 minutes, on 2×3 ft paper.


Lying Sideways


Two Jacks and One Sylvana

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Sprawling Jack , 18×24 charcoal

Twisting Jack, 24×18 charcoal

Sylvana on One Leg, 18×24 charcoal

Working Large

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I have a big pad of paper now, 24×36 inches. Quite a different physical experience.

Ha in Ten, 24×36 inches