25 Naked Dancers and Courageous Conversations

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On Monday evening, we joined Arthur Aviles in his dance for Movement Research’s Gala at Judson Memorial Church. Movement Research Arthur founded and runs BAAD, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance. He is a magnificent dancer and a really lovely human. It was a truly beautiful experience, 25 (actually 29) naked dancers, of all shapes, races, genders, ages, dancers and not. Here are some pictures I picked up from the web, they aren’t mine but I thought I would share them

This Photo by Ian Douglas


Me and My Sternocleidomastoid

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Drawing by Kathi Kirkpatrick , illustrating Minerva’s lecture about this distinctive muscle.

Bruce’s Sternocleidomastoid by Kathi Kirkpatrick

Just Can’t Keep the Clothes On!

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One session scheduled, another unplanned, this weekend I posed twice at Minerva’s Drawing Studio. On Saturday we had a group of Art History students getting exposure to actual studio settings as part of their class. On Sunday the scheduled model did not show up, so off came the clothes and I filled in. It was a full house of artists ready to draw from life and I am glad to help out when I can. Here are 2 drawings by Charles H. Connelly, one of my favorites, .

Bruce by Charles H. Connelly

Bruce by Charles H. Connelly

Posing again at Minerva’s

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2 sketches by Chris of yours truly, poses to show off the sternocleidomastoid, which was a talking point for Minerva in her lecture on anatomydsc04445a

More into the Shadows

•January 31, 2017 • 1 Comment

I hate to admit it but we are all living under a horrible darkness these days. I hope though that though art the shadows may be lifted a bit. Here’s 2 sketches of Ariel, done last week.


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Four 5 minute sketches with the light from below. I was exploring the differences in light/dark modelling as well as cast shadow. I found I had built a habit of drawing the scene with the light above, as we do in nature for the most part, and that when the situation was changed, there was something in my brain that said ‘What is this?’. The feeling was much the same as switching drawing hands , right to left or left to right.

Ariel at 5 (minutes)

•October 26, 2016 • 1 Comment

5 minute sketches with charcoal and pastel of Ariel