Claudia and Ika

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Here’s 2 quick drawings of Claudia with Ika joining in. I was thinking about the distortions foreshorten brings, and the varying kinds of pictorial perspective. Ika loves to check out models and to pose with them. She prefers to be in front of the model, but sometimes a wet nose can be startling. Claudia blogs at Museworthy on art topics and the life of a model.
Claudia recliningfet first

Claudia, sideways with Ika

Standing Figure

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I was reading a Times article about the work of Dafroza Gauthier and her husband Alain to bring Rwandan genocide suspects to justice and there was a picture of Dafroza that really struck me as an elegant beautiful person, and this is is the result of the inspiration.From a picture in the NY Tines
Its papier-mâché, finished to appear to be bronze, about 3’6″ tall.

Return to Drawing

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Back to drawing in my studio, with Kuan. Foreshortening and different angles were the order of the day. 10 minute poses.


Kuan -Right Leg

Seasonal Art and Quick Drawings

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We went up to the Met to see ‘The Passions of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux’ , Ugolino and His Sons is one pieces in the permanent collection, and it was really wonderful to see the development through maquettes. His painting are also eye-opening, as is most of the exhibition. While we were there, we went over to the Japanese section where they are showing seasonal paintings. Here is my favorite, by Tani Bunchō. He painted it 7 days after seeing the scene on the night of mid-autumn of 1817.

Grasses and Moon-1870 by Tani Buncho

Here are some quick poses I did during March, that while not masterpieces, were striking in the dynamics of the poses the models took.

1 minute poses by Whitney

whitney 1 minute poses

Two minute pose by Boris, he was using a pole but it looks like he is swimming. An incredibly hard pose, even for 2 minutes!


and finally a 5 minute pose that reminded me of Tiepolo


Throwing Squiggly Pots!

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Thursday nights at Chambers Pottery, throwing pots! The anarchist in me wants to make things that start in a geometric circle, lose their identity and head into chaosThree Lobed PotBlood,Sweat and TearsTwo Part VasePlanetoid 4Two Lobed PotSplotchy Denton

Spring – At Long Last?

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After trudging through the ice and slush on Saturday, we dropped by the Met, and found Spring in the form of a Byzantine tapestry from Panopolis,

Byzantine head of spring
then to melancholy, with a beautiful ink drawing by Charles de La Traverse
and back to joy with a litho by Edvard Munch. A complete story, across centuries and cultures, encapsulated within a space of a few feet!.


To top it off, the “Ink” show is really superb, and gave me a new perspectiveve on Chinese modern art. As a bonus on Sunday, I saw a robin, one of the harbingers of the impending arrival of spring.

OK, now the last drawings!

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I had one more session drawing, this time with Claudia, of Museworthy fame. These are mostly with a mirror, and short 5-10 minutes. Having the mirror creates more complexity to the image and I am still working on the relationship in the drawings.

Its always a joy to work with such a wonderful model and I am looking forward to more.

5 minutes on newsprint

5 minutes on newsprint

10 minute on charcoal paper

10 minutes on charcoal paper

Not sure how to describe this pose, 5 minutes on newsprint

Not sure how to describe this pose, 5 minutes on newsprint


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