Possible New Career

On a recent weekend, a model came to the studio very ill, she looked as if she was going to pass out right there, so I asked if she would be OK with me replacing her and she was very grateful. I haven’t modeled a full 3 hour session since college( another story altogether) but I have filled in for one or two sets. Off came the clothes and onto the stand. I had a great time, doing poses I think I would have liked to have drawn and I got quite a positive feedback from the artists there. It gave me really creative insight in to my own work, and afterwards, despite being rather tired I really felt invigorated and my mood picked up. I don’t really think I will switch from one side of the easel to the other, there are a lot of more talented models who need the work but I will be on the stand in the future, I am sure. Here are 2 self portraits, not from the class but from my own work at home. I took some liberty with the hair and beard on the figure study.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait, Full Figure


~ by scultore on January 13, 2015.

2 Responses to “Possible New Career”

  1. this is beautiful, and powerful!!

  2. “doing poses I think I would have liked to have drawn”.
    How many times I thought exactly the same!
    That’s also why I encourage models and artists to try experimenting the reverse role: they both get inspired a lot.

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