Engraving in Rembrandt’s House

We were recently in Amsterdam and visited Rembrandt’s house. Normally we don’t go in for much of this kind of place, but it is different, it is a reconstruction of the house on the original site and along with the history and paintings,they give demonstrations and workshops. We did the engraving workshop and really had a great time. The engraving is done on acetate, instead of copper,but it works very well. Its hard to describe how happy it was to be doing this, even if it was done left-handed with my right hand in a cast. After seeing great art it was really a joy, and it was totally unexpected. Here is my portrait of Meg, I think I will do some more work on it, breaking the lin between the cheek and mouth and changing some of the inking. I’ll add some cleaner highlights and lighten the lower lip, for the next printing

Engraving in acetate , done at Rembrant's house in Amsterdam

Engraving in acetate , done at Rembrandt’s house in Amsterdam

Here is Meg’s portrait of me.

Meg's Portrait of Bruce

Meg’s Portrait of Bruce


~ by scultore on October 9, 2014.

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