Happy New Year!

Here’s to the New Year, I hope the folks down in DC get their act together and let the rich people share the wealth they have accumulated by the grace of the working classes.

Still working on different angles, and with Kuan, these were done just before our trip to Myanmar. Here are pictures that Meg is putting up of our trip, endless stupas and statues of Buddha. Its remarkable how the religious fervor affects the world, in the west, Christianity has endless crucifixions, in India, a galaxy of gods, and in Burma, Buddhas. They share the same evolutionary theme, evolving as politics and dogma change. Italian crucifixions have a beautiful humanity, Spanish ones are extremely physical and painful. In the ‘East’, images tend to have less individual variation, and this has to do I think with the general concepts about ‘Art’. That will be the next post, if I can find the time.Kuan looking up
Kuan-shouldersKuan-Above and back


~ by scultore on January 2, 2013.

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