Hori Ichiro – Photographer and In-law

We just got back from Japan where the Museum had an exhibition about Hori Ichiro, my great-uncle-in-law. In the early 1900’s he came to New York and opened a portrait studio at 665 5th Avenue. He made portraits of Hideyo Noguchi, a famous bacteriologist who discovered the agent of syphilis as the cause of progressive paralytic disease in 1911. He also was family friends of Isamo Noguchi, the sculptor. He then traveled around the world for several years before returning to Japan and devoting all his time to painting. He had a one man show at Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo in the 1930’s. Most of his work was lost, and just recently the family discovered the work that was in the show. It is possible that my great grandmother knew him, as she was also involved in creative pursuits!

If you have any information regarding him or his work, please contact me, we would love to know more.

Hori Ichiro, my great uncle in-law was a photographer in New York

Hori Ichiro with a portrait of Dr Hideyo Noguchi

Hori Ichiro in Japan, probably 1950's


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2 Responses to “Hori Ichiro – Photographer and In-law”

  1. I have two photos taken by Ichiro Hori in the 1920s I was going to list on ebay

  2. dear sir,my name is Stephen riley,my father cecil riley took this last photo of mr hori at his easel in the late fifties..my dad was a m/sgt ,in the us army ,a photographer who ran the photo corps at camp zama at yokohama where I was born .my father has since died and I do not know how they met. I well remember going to his house ,his sister was also his housekeeper and she was a very kind woman.my mother has an unfinished oil portrait he began of her on her wall this day.in the mid sixties he visited us ,in Portland,oregon,while in the usa..I most remember the esteem that my parents held for him and my father was hard to impress, ..I’ve learned a little bit since than of how impressive he was but mostly I remember him as a true gentleman..i hope this reaches you and I welcome a response…Stephen riley

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