Foreshortening – Inspired by a Great Model

The extended arm gives a reference to the rest of the receding figure, almost like a horizon

This post is a tribute to a great model and blogger, Claudia, whose recent post on foreshortening echoed the work I’ve been doing with her. I feel a bit pretentious showing my work in the company of folks like Joe or Fred Hatt, but here’s some short 10 minute or so drawings. Claudia’s conscious decisions on her poses help dramatically.

Not easy , arms need some work

Surpisingly static, but I like the tension in the shoulder

And Happy Birthday Claudia!


~ by scultore on July 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “Foreshortening – Inspired by a Great Model”

  1. Bruce, thank you for this!! I am so honored 🙂

    We’ve been having wonderful drawing sessions. I remember each of these poses. Like you wrote in the post, I do make conscious pose decisions, which is even more enhanced when I’m familiar with the personal preferences of the artist, as I am with you. Your love of foreshortening makes modeling especially fun! You chose three terrific ones here because I tried to use my arms/hands in interesting placements.

    This was a very special birthday gift, Bruce. Thank you, thank you! Your kind words mean a lot, friend.


  2. Bruce, these are great – loose and full of life. Thanks, I guess, for feeling pretentious showing in my company, but you needn’t!

  3. G’day Bruce, your drawings are superb, strong and confident. I live in Sydney but draw at Spring St with Minerva each year when I get to NY.
    I also love foreshortening, but can’t do it with your confidence. Claudia (and her cat) are clearly inspirational…..
    Over the last few years I have visited the antique store in Bond and have admired your gold climbers ….now I know who created them.
    john brown

  4. difficult and done beautifully!!

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