Left-Handed Drawing

I broke a bone in my right hand a few weeks ago avoiding a herd of jay-walking pedestrians that have no respect for society. I can’t say that bicyclists always are the pinnacle of good behavior, but I did have more than 30 seconds on the traffic light, and was ringing my bell, and yelling to let them know I was there. Only one woman stopped after I crashed, and even she didn’t apologize. She did have such a look of horror on her face though, that I couldn’t yell at her.

Anyway, as a result, I’ve been drawing with my left hand mostly. It’s a real struggle, retraining the brain. At times it almost feels like a physical tension in my head! I see things in an entirely different way and its been quite interesting. My right had gets really impatient and wants to draw! My hand-eye coordination is way off in the left side and it often looks rather like I am suffering from a nervous disorder but as I said, its improving.


~ by scultore on May 19, 2010.

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