Society and Nudes

Last night on the local news, they had a piece about an exhibition in New York by Anthony Gormley. He has done an installation of some 31 life size human figures, cast in fiberglass and iron. The hook for the story was that the NYPD was concerned with 911 calls, as the figures are on the tops of buildings and might be mis-construed as suicide attempts.

Now, I think it’s a good thing that the station runs pieces about art, even for such absurd reasons, however they showed the statues at night, with fuzzy patches over  the genitals! It is an insult to society and the artist. This is art and without thinking at all , it is the portrayal of the nude human body in an odd place. A little more thought and the intention of the artist becomes clear. It is not an assault on the mental health of our society.  If viewers are offended by penises on a sculpture, a hundred yards away, at night, I say here are the real perverts in society!  Do they think their children will be harmed by such a sight? That children do not know about basic human anatomy? Will it turn them into sex maniacs? Ruin their faith in God? Lead them into depravity? I won’t comment on religion at this point,  but really, get a grip on reality, thousands of men, women and children are murdered every day due to the results of this type of thought. We show scenes of degradation and violence against humans and animals without a blink, but conceptual nudity? Disaster! We need to learn that carrying guns in Starbucks is more dangerous than fiberglass penises at a hundred yards! Look how you treat your neighbor, how you interact with entities in the world,  and ask yourself how it got to this point. Art makes people think, it does not force mindless beliefs on them.


~ by scultore on March 11, 2010.

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