Back in Action

February 2nd is the date for the second hearing with the Landmarks Commission, to get a Certificate of Appropriateness for the completion of my sculpture on our building. I have finished another figure, that will connect the pieces around the windows with the figures that caused the whole issue to start with. I replaced the figure with the tail with a woman holding a fish.  I have also added some sketches of unstarted work, so the application has a complete view of what is planned. Its a bit unusual for me to figure out what to do before I start working, I generally start and let the figures grow into their own poses and placements. We’ll see how that turns out. I have to get some more wire, the wire I pulled out of the garbage after the San Gennaro festival finally ran out, and I am using rebar wire instead of electric fence wire now. That’s what you get in the city!

The construction next door is a hotel/restaurant by a ‘celebrity’ chef. The community won a lot of concessions from them for the liquor license. It was a really tough fight but we won’t have a rooftop party just outside our living room! The Community Board Landmarks commitee hearing for the facade next to us is on Jan 11. I’ll be sure to be there, although my hopes are not very high for a creative front. Better than tin and graffiti I hope.


~ by scultore on January 9, 2010.

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