Art Criticism – Relevancy

The NY Times had a  review of the Noguchi Museum  on Sept 2. As a general descriptive piece it held up until the end. The reviewer made this comment:

But it is Noguchi’s tastefully conservative work of his last three decades that dominates and invites a visitor to wonder if there’s anything here for a contemporary sculptor to use or learn from. You can see some affinities in works by established artists like Tony Cragg and Anish Kapoor. But in today’s climate, where sculpture by younger artists ranges from grungy assemblage to high-concept assemblage, you’d have to say no — Noguchi is about as relevant as Henry Moore.

Young artists have nothing to learn from ground-breaking sculptors of the past? Assemblage is a form derivative from these two great artists! Just look at Moore’s work “Hill Arches”

From the Henry Moore Foundation

From the Henry Moore Foundation

Henry Moore -Three Piece Reclining Figure

Here Moore has assembled free standing elements into a unified whole. He has used artist-created elements, as opposed to ‘found’ elements, but it was a new way of doing sculpture. Assemblages of the detritus of society by ‘young artists’ is simply an extension of this concept.

Humans can always learn from their predecessors, and in art,  the artistic foundations laid down by those who went before is always relevant.


~ by scultore on September 4, 2009.

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