Is History Dynamic?

 In the context of the Historical Preservation District,  I believe the answer is yes. Our block has buildings for the 1850’s through 2008 on it.  The fact that the Landmarks designation has such a wide variety of historical periods represented implies that history is dyanmic, and the value of preserving that is of consequence. The mission statement does not say to make areas static in a visual sense.  So I urge the LPC to approve the Certificate of Appropriatness for the sculpture.

The mission statement for the LPC is as follows(copied from their website):

  • Safeguard the city’s historic, aesthetic, and cultural heritage.
  • Help stabilize and improve property values in historic districts.
  • Encourage civic pride in the beauty and accomplishments of the past.
  • Protect and enhance the city’s attractions for tourists.
  • Strengthen the city’s economy.
  • Promote the use of landmarks for the education, pleasure, and welfare of the people of New York City
  • Do the sculpture meet the goals? Yes! They aid in protecting the cultural heritage, and the aesthitic values of the area. Improving the property values? Yes by making the area more popular and noteworthy among passers-by, they help show that New York is still the cultural capital of the world. Tourism? hundreds of tourists a day stop to take pictures, and talk about them, drawing them into the block where they find the other significant features of the district. All the activity generated helps build the economy, and not only for bars, which seem to be the current big draw in the area but boutiques, book stores and galleries. Last but not least, the promotion of  landmarks for education, enjoyment etc. The display of artwork in the landmarked area demonstrates why the area is important, both in the historical sense that artists were viewed as tools to revitalize the area and the importance of Art to the city.


    ~ by scultore on September 3, 2009.

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