We’re starting a petition!

Meg and I are starting a petition for the Landmarks Preservation Commission,  to allow the sculpture to be retroactively approved. It will be posted outside our building and we’ll circulate it around the neighborhood.

Regarding the mission of the LPC, the first point in the mission statement is:

Safeguard the city’s historic, aesthetic, and cultural heritage.

Adding the sculpture certainly does not harm the aesthetic or cultural heritage, it enhances it! The Noho area was zoned specifically to allow artist who needed space to create in. I was certified by the Department of Cultural Affairs as an artist and thats what I am doing. It is the vibrant culture of the neighborhood that is being supported. The historic heritage is also being helped,  as the work actually draws in tourists and passersby, and they spend time appreciating not only the work but the work of the architect as well. The middle image is the start of the latest work, the two on the side are details of the existing work, which is, as I understand, is not in violation of the LPC


~ by scultore on August 18, 2009.

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